About This Girl

I am…

a Hoosier living in Denver.

a knitter.

a lover of food.

a baker.

a Ringo and Faye owner.

a nerd.

a feminist.

an opt outsider.

walking alongside Karl in this life.

holding Mira and Lola in my heart.

attempting to kick anxiety’s ass.

still figuring this shit out.

6 thoughts on “About This Girl

  1. Hi Julia, just stumbled on your blog courtesy of WordPress. I’ve finally finished university and now have my first real job working on a couple of magazines. I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend and I completely agree with you about baking to de-stress. Cooking is fun! And cooking together is even more fun. We had some delicious brownies the other night though I must admit they were just an add water jobby… I will try to bake from scratch next time! Claire x

  2. Hi Claire! I’m so glad you found me, and you’re my first commenter that I don’t officially know, so thank you! I work at a magazine too, which has been my first real world job for almost three years. Funny that you mention cooking together because I was just thinking this week how much I like making dinner WITH my boyfriend instead of going out. Something fun about squeezing into a small kitchen together to make good food. Next time you want to make brownies, I have a really amazing and gooey brownie recipe on here that you should try! Almost as easy as the add water kind (which, I will admit, I grew up making all the time…).

  3. No worries! 🙂 I love magazines and I know all about blogs but it’s only really now that I’ve started reading them. There’s something very honest about blogs and it’s ace that there are so many people who write their own blogs and are expressing themselves.
    What magazine do you work on? I’ve visited New York before and the amount of magazines was intense! I don’t know much about the American magazine industry. I work on two collecting titles – Diecast Collector (which is all about toy cars basically) and the Collectors Gazette (which covers toy soldiers, railways, TV and film memorabilia and diecast models). They’re good mags and even though I’m not a collector myself they’re great fun to work on and a really good grounding in the magazine world.
    I know what you mean about the small kitchen! My boyfriend is a great cook and made a great chicken/pesto/bacon thing the other night. I will definitely try your recipe! I’m all about yummy deserts 😉

  4. Yep, I’ve been spewing randomness on various blogs for about five years, but only just in the past year or two started really reading them regularly. It really makes the world seem smaller!
    I work for a few kids magazines. Mainly Jack and Jill for kids 8-12, and a little on the two other magazines for younger kids. They’re published by the same company as the Saturday Evening Post and our small staffs overlap a bit so I get to see the inner workings of that magazine too. I’m in Indiana, so it’s a totally different publishing world than New York, which from what I’ve heard, is insane! But same as you said, this has been a really wonderful starting place for me. I bet you’re learning things you never thought you’d learn about at your collector magazines. TV and film memorabilia sounds really cool. I was reading your blog, and really liked your post on magazine covers. I’ve realized that the cover could be the most important part of the magazine, and it’s just one page. Someday I want to wallpaper an entire room in amazing magazine and album covers.

  5. Julia,
    I’m one special girl on your About Me page, ya know why? For one I took the picture of you eating the cupcake and two, the photo of you and Mira was taken in my backyard 🙂 that’s enough to make me special, right?

    Anyways, I have lots of time to do whatever I want besides work, so I’ve been drooling over your blog and think I might just go bake something now at 1 am (meds keep me up all night sometimes)

    Really do miss work, well actually really jut miss work with you. You’re going to be impressed by the new me, absolutely no seizures since before surgery, I should be able to get though a conversation now! haha
    I hope everything is well. Luv ya, Jen

    • This page should be called the About Julia page as photographed by Jen 🙂 Totally makes you special.

      I hope you made something at 1 AM! Brownies would have been the best option for that hour of the night in my opinion. I can’t wait for you to come back into work!

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