loans, court dates and new cars oh my

i wandered over to guster’s website today (i’ve been doing a lot of this kind of wandering today because i have no car to go run errands such as the groccery and the post office or start my new tutoring job) and found a new road journal entry. i’m posting the link here in hopes that you’ll read it. one because it’s guster and even better brian writes and is highly amusing. two because there’s mention of the ncaa tournament. three because there is mention of passover. four because there are silly drawings of the band and crew members. you have to click on the link to the left that says “road journal”. check it out.
in other news i’ve discovered the downside of being a grown up. i said i wanted responsibility and i still do but it doesn’t feel as good and liberating as i had hoped.
in other other news i’m going home this weekend. i’m thrilled and cannot wait to see my family and hopefully get down to bloomington.
my quote of the day, “there are two kinds of animals in this world, dogs and cats. kind of like there are two kinds of people, indie and new age.” {casey, the morning times manager}


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