it’s only life after all. yeah.

i feel a bit weird posting bits of my life on the internet. this is an awfully public place to be writing about my life, isn’t it? oh well, the personal element often gets left out. seriously just look at my facebook profile if you want personal. you’ll see that my religion is worshiping the brits, my music taste is “goodbye earl” by the dixie chicks and that i look hott playing kickball in pink pantaloons.

tonight i was talking to my mom about something that had happened last spring in bloomington and i realized how long ago that seems. in reality bloomington was only a year and a half ago but so much has happened since then. i feel like i’ve lived a whole other life in that year and a half.

i’m back in raleigh at the moment. well not literally since i’m home in indianapolis right now. i moved into a cute apartment and am the proud owner of a black and white fuzzy couch. i’m going through camp withdrawal, as i do at the end of every summer. i think i can safely say that this ties for my most wonderful summer ever (with my second summer on staff). i ended up having junior line instead of hillside, which meant 8-11 year olds. honestly i cannot imagine having any other girls. i loved giving hugs and holding hands and being all out silly with my sweet junior mints. i have also never been so endlessly proud of a group of girls. every single day one of them did something that made me smile a mile wide. how can girls so little stretch themselves so much? i see so much potential in them. i watched them grow so much over just five and a half weeks. and my staff. i cannot compliment them enough. i would’ve been lost without such an amazing group of counselors. and we all had so much fun. good summer camp fun. lots of lake jumping in our clothes (especially after hot days at the barn during june camp), nights in town, even getting pulled over by a cop, lots of late nights up in the office, random and ridiculous adventures on days off.

now i’m writing a lot more. i’m looking for a big girl job. i’m wishing i could run back to the mountains where people look up to me and i’m a somebody.


3 thoughts on “it’s only life after all. yeah.

  1. Hi Julia, I just finished up my aide summer at Green Cove and just wanted to say how much these posts about camp mean to me. Earlier on a friend informed me that tajar day was exactly a month ago today, and after wallowing in depression for some time I found myself on the internet googling tajar day to see what came up and well, I found your blog. Having read EVERY post that has a mention of green cove in it, they basically sum up everything that a feel about camp and how much I love and miss it, and I think all you say is true for every green cove girl. I posted a link to this in our 2013 Aide’s Facebook group and all of us love it. I’ve personally been at camp since 2004 when I was eight so Im pretty sure I, with a few other of the girls, were some of your “junior mints” in 2007 when you were the line head. Camp has been such a big part of my life so thanks again for sharing all your thoughts, I loved reading.

    • Hi, Izzyf! I’m so glad you found all of my ramblings about camp! Thanks for sharing with the rest of the 2013 aides, too! Us Green Cove girls are a community, even if we’re all spread out during the year, and even if we’re all different ages. I love finding another kindred Green Cove spirit who gets why I cry when I sing Closer to Fine, why I’d rather have a camp fund than a college fund for the kids I don’t have, or why I will probably name a pet Tajar at some point in my life. I’m sure I taught you a riding lesson at one point or was your line head! Camp is the most special place in the world! I hope you keep missing camp, but not too much, because you’ll always go back somehow. Thank you so much for leaving a comment!

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