monday monday ba da ba da da da

Uh oh, illegal two days in a row blog postage. I just want to document the fact that this is going to be the longest week on record. I’m leaving at 12:30 on Friday and am going to desperately try to make up those missed hours during the rest of the week. That means no lunch hour Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, staying late Monday and Wednesday and coming in early on Friday. Florida had better kick some serious ass.

in other news, a moment from my past resurfaced on instant messenger last night (after I’d gone to bed at the early hour of 10:30 of course). I was surprised, not sure if pleasantly or otherwise though.
I feel stuck right now and I need something to happen. I have ideas on what that something could be but I kinda doubt that those ideas will be taken into consideration.
How do you talk to someone about something that you just can’t put your finger on? You can’t just sit down and say “we need to talk. About this…this feeling I have that’s been making me uncomfortable.” Instead, I am going to get over myself and do what I do best, ignore any serious emotions, shove them aside and deal with them later.

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