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Turns out I have slowly been turning into something of a foodie. Most likely on the lower end of the foodie chain, but nonetheless, I’m there. (As a sidenote we got this book in at work, Foodie Babies Wear Bibs. I love this series of books. I got Eco Babies Wear Green for a friend. I want babies for the sole purpose of buying all these books for them.)

Anyway, I was searching for Indianapolis Dine, a food magazine, when I came across a message board post of Indy folks’ top 10 reasons for loving this city. A well timed web find as I thought to myself earlier today that, in all reality, I do like Indianapolis, despite all the North Carolina moving talk I do. So I’m going to make my own top 10 list.

Reasons to Love Indianapolis
1. My parents. They live the perfect 20 minute distance from me. I can do laundry there, watch the occasional movie and have them watch Mira. Plus, I love my parents:)

2. My friends. I’ve found myself a wonderful little circle of great friends who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

3. Downtown. I truly appreciate it. (and hate it at the same time.) I’m going to list a few things within this one that are downtown. The city market, the canal, White River State Park, yummy restaurants like Buggs, Yats, Hoaglins, Barcelona Tapas, Bazbeaux and Mojo’s Coffee.

4. Cheap living. Really, I live in a super cute neighborhoood (true, it’s surrounded by semi-sketchiness) in a cute and small but nice apartment for practically nothing.

5. Goose the Market. Hands down my favorite new place in town. Great local butcher/market. All Indiana meat and produce plus fresh fish on Fridays plus gelatto plus sandwiches and coffee. And the owners are super nice.

6. Not too far from Chicago, which, if I need a big city fix, is perfect. Oh plus Marnie and Mere live there.

7. The music scene. It’s actually really good. Radio Radio! The Vogue usually has decent shows too. And Luna? Best record store ever.

8. The art scene. For realz. It’s growing. First Friday downtown every month, one in Zionsville(!) now, lots of galleries on Mass Ave and in Fountain Square. Penrod, the IMA, the Herron Art School.

9. The weather. Yes I hate how muggy it can get in the summer and how cold it can get in the winter but the spring and fall more than make up for those less than pefect seasons. Besides I like a little sweat and some cozy sweaters.

10. I grew up here. My dad grew up here. We have roots and we know people. This is home and will always be home no matter where else I go. Even if North Carolina is my other home:)


One thought on “Top 10

  1. julia! I love indy too 🙂 You forgot to mention box cutting midgets though… thanks for commenting on my blog! it’s nice to know someone besides family checks me out!

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