Pig in Boots

Hello Spring!
If rainy spring days mean piggies in boots, then I’ll take them all with a smile.
Eggs. Have we discussed my love of runny-yolk eggs? There’s just something about the buttery texture of an egg yolk. Poached eggs, over easy eggs, soft-boiled eggs. As long as I can cut into the middle, watch the yellow center flow, and dip my toast in it, I’ll take it. When we were little, my mom used to make us soft-boiled eggs. She’d put them in these little egg cups (only ours stood on two little feet wearing shoes and striped socks instead of a pedestal), crack off the top like a little hat, and sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the yolk-y inside. We’d eat them with these little plastic reusable spoons. 


I thought this was a normal egg dish until one Sunday morning I asked Adam if he wanted one and he looked at me like I was crazy. We have some different family food traditions (sugar cream pie, potato chip cookies, chocolate sprinkles on toast), and I figured this was just another one. Though I guess I should’ve been clued in by the fact that all of my family food traditions are different because they’re European. 
So today I’m browsing this site I’ve found called Domestic Sluttery, and I see that they’ve posted something about egg cups and eggy soldiers (see the egg cups link above). Intrigued, I googled “what is an eggy soldier” and came up with this recipe. So in England (and probably Holland), my thing for soft-boiled eggs wouldn’t be weird. 
Eggy Soldiers are super easy to make. Bring a pot of water (enough to cover an egg) to a boil. Gently slide in your egg. Let it cook for about four minutes. Turn off the stove, and, using a spoon, take the egg out of the water. Set it in an egg cup. Now the egg is really hot, so be careful on this next part. Using a butter knife, tap the egg about one inch from the top of the narrow end. When the egg shell cracks, continue to cut through the entire top of the egg. You’ll end up cutting off a little hat. Salt and pepper the inside of the egg and enjoy with a slice of buttered toast, maybe toasted in a teapot toaster.


Soon I am going to bake my eggs in tomato sauce.


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