The Winds They Did Blow

Blah blah blah, weather small talk, blah, blah. But seriously, we’ve been having some crazy intense storms here in Indiana lately. Seventy mile per hour winds, yellow-gray-green skies, torrential downpours, tornadoes.

As a quick side note, my mother is a lush when it comes to drinking. She has one glass of wine, her face turns red, and she starts giggling like a tween while making dirty jokes. No, wait, she makes dirty jokes without the help of a glass of wine.

Back to these stormy nights. Earlier this week I sat down on the couch with my dinner and flipped on the t.v., hoping to catch Jeopardy. Instead all I got were local news teams standing in front of green, red, and yellow-splotched weather radars, warning me of the aforementioned winds and tornadoes. I then received this text from my dad, “Mom had 1 half glass of wine & is on the couch.” I immediately pictured my mom laying on the couch, cracking up at the weather reports as the winds swirled outside the glass sliding doors. Shortly after my dad called me. “Julia did you hear? There’s a winter storm advisory out.” “I heard!” I replied. “Hail and everything! I predict 5 feet of snow by morning.” “I can’t get Mom off the couch,” he joked. “Oh stay inside! Here comes the snow!”

“Drunk” mothers and winter storm warnings in June are definitely laughing matters.


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