The Awkward Runner

Remember how I said I’ve started running to combat the baked goods?

I’ve always enjoyed working out, but I’ve never been a big outdoor runner though. I thought it was just too hard. And honestly, I’m a klutz and I look kind of stupid when I run.

Then my friend Marnie started running. She passed along this training program to me. I moved to Raleigh that fall and, instead of looking for a gym to join, I started Marnie’s program. And running outside was actually kind of fun! But then, the weather got cold, and I chickened out and joined a gym.

And a gym is where I’ve been hanging out ever since. Well until this spring. A few of my coworkers started running at lunch. One of them was training for the Mini-Marathon here in Indianapolis. And I figured, why not? The weather is gorgeous. I kind of enjoyed it before. And the elliptical was not having quite the effect on my waistline that I’d hoped. So I bought a pair of kickass gray and hot pink Nikes and started running.

Besides a period of excessive heat this summer, I’ve been running outside pretty consistently. I’m at a 28 to 30 minute 5K. Once I ran 6 freaking miles! Not fast, but I did it. And, while I’m certainly not addicted yet, I kind of look forward to runs. There’s this incredible satisfaction in running somewhere I usually drive. Turns out I’m also very goal-oriented and competitive with myself. Running has become this mental battle and constant challenge.

So yesterday I decided that I’d treat myself to a nice winter-weather running shirt. This way I’d be more motivated to continue my newfound hobby through the colder months. I stopped in a running store in town and got these two items.

Under Armor short sleeve shirt (this is the back because it looks cooler than the front, which is plain white).

And this Mizuno long sleeve shirt. It has this Thermo Plus technology, which is basically this material in the shirt that heats up when it gets wet, i.e. when you sweat.

So, I drove home with my new clothes, thinking about how excited I was to run this week. EXCITED TO RUN, it’s true! I actually wanted to suit up and go for a run then, but the Colts game was on. Heh. This morning I woke up to 9 degree weather. Nine degrees with a high of 20° the next few days! I don’t know that I’m hardcore enough to run in under 20 degree weather quite yet. So I’ve put my new clothes on my kitchen table so I can look at them and hopefully hang onto my excitement.

Do any of you run? When did you start to call yourself a runner? Do you have any cold-weather running tips for this newbie?


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