Song of the Week

I’m a little bit worried that this song of the week thing (which is more like a song of whatever week I remember it) should become Music Recommended by Carol instead. The song I have stuck in my head right now is from her most recent set of mixes. She sent me three and they’re all amazing. In fact, I’ll probably post a few more songs from them in the coming weeks.

So, considering this, I’ve asked her to do a little guest blog for this song. Ladies, and gentlemen, my stalker.

So- You and I (it’s by Ingrid Michaelson).

I love this song—who wouldn’t? Except my mom I guess—the first time she heard it, she thought it belonged on a Target commercial.

This song is such an innocent little diddy but also kind of more. I love the lines “so I will help you read those books if you will soothe my worried looks and we will put the lonesome on the shelf”. It’s this kind of child-like lyricism sung by an incredibly mature voice and totally not pretentious. I also love how the song builds from one voice to a duet to a chorus/percussive kind of thing. Maybe that’s too much analysis- I just love Ingrid Michaelson- thanks to YOU.

And here’s the song – You and I by Ingrid Michaelson


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