All the Good Music

I watched the second half of the Grammy’s Sunday night. The Grammy’s always make me sad because they recognize a lot of crap music that’s being played on the radio and sold on iTunes these days. Only a handful of real, honest, musicians get nominated and even fewer win. So today I had every intention of writing an angry post about how music today is crap and how most mainstream artists don’t know how to even put on a good live performance.

And then I got into work Monday morning, sat down at my computer, and found so many inspiring songs, so many talented musicians, and I wasn’t angry anymore. (Well, not angry about music at least.)

So I’m just going to share all of my happiness with you. And hopefully these songs and these people who seem to love what they do will change your day and make you smile.

Iron & Wine, Naked As We Come. One that I can’t quite decide if it’s incredibly sweet or really depressing. Either way, I adore Iron & Wine’s soft, ripply, guitar-picking style.

An absolutely mind-blowing Grammy performance from last night by Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers, and a somewhat mediocre performance by Bob Dylan. Though I can’t blame the man. He’s older and his voice has always been pretty raspy (which is part of his charm). Mumford & Sons tore it up with “The Cave.” A great song from their debut album. And the lead singer, how cute is he? Avett Brothers never fail to disappoint me and I like their choice of song, “Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promises.” And everyone played with Bob Dylan on “Maggie’s Farm.”

Continuing on the Grammy’s theme, I had no idea who the Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding was until thankfully NPR enlightened me this morning. She plays this huge double bass and has a sweet, clear, jazzy voice. This video is a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR. I like the smallness of this concert series always.

Adele. She’s amazing, gorgeous, fashionable (hello, is that a cape in this Tiny Desk Session?), and has a freaking powerful voice. Like the kind of voice that could blow you over but never screams. She has a new album coming out February 22. You may still be able to get a peak on NPR’s site. This is another Tiny Desk Concert. I love that she does the whole thing a capella.

And, lastly, a song for Valentine’s Day, “Fearful” by Beat Radio. I know, I know, it’s a video montage. But it’s of Jim and Pam! I love Jim and Pam. I cried when he proposed to her at the gas station in the rain and I bawled during their wedding episode.

Happy listening!


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