30 Days of Creativity

I’m the kind of person who says she’s going to start projects and either never does or starts them halfway and then poops out. The fact that I got my tomatos and herbs planted is a miracle, one that I’m very glad happened.

Last summer I built a small corner shelf. It’s still not painted nor hung.

I’ve been home from Spain for two weeks and have not started on the photo project I had planned.

I planted my garden at the beginning of May and have yet to make any labels for the plants besides writing on pieces of purple Duck Tape and sticking them on the pots.

Just some examples. So when I read about an initiative called 30 Days of Creativity on Readymade’s website, I thought here’s my chance to knock out these projects and then some!

Here’s the lowdown on 30 Days of Creativity. I pledge to create something, stretch my creative brain muscle, for all of the 30 days during the month of June. Each day, I’ll post my creation on Twitter with the hash tag #30daysofcreativity and onto 30 Days of Creativity’s Pinterest if I want to. (I actually have not delved into the world of Pinterest yet. Do you use it? What does it actually do?) I’m also going to post a picture of what I’ve created each day right here on my blog. So get excited for daily posts!

Creating something can mean working each day on one large project for 3o days. It can mean doing a different small project each day. The creation can be something as simple as taking a photo from what I understand, or even be a food creation. I have a feeling something like half of my creations will be food-related, so I’m going to try and post the recipes along with the daily photo.

I’m pretty pumped about this month. Maybe it’ll kick my half-assing of projects, well, in the ass!


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity

  1. pinterest is rad. you just “pin” crap you like from the interweb or repin stuff other people have found. it’s like a combination of reddit and facebook minus the assholes.

  2. This pledge is very challenging, creating many things 30 days consecutively is really brain exercise.

    I also have joined pinterest. There, my creativity is flowing and everything is really nice.

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