Day 8 – Homemade Lotion

I have successfully made my own lotion. Screw a pie shop, I’m going to start my own line of body products. But seriously, I feel really good about the scrub and this lotion. Really, really easy. Not time consuming at all. I have lots of ingredients left to make more batches, which will probably save me money. So good for my skin and body. So all-natural!


I think homemade body products are a lot like homemade cooking. People who don’t cook a lot think popping frozen vegetables or chicken in the microwave, heating up premade pasta or pizza, or eating out is so much easier than cooking a meal from scratch. And honestly, it sounds so much easier. I don’t blame those people at all. But turns out, with just a bit more effort and a little planning, you can make pretty tasty pasta or chicken or vegetables at home and on your own. You know exactly what’s in your meal that way, you get the satisfaction of having made it, and it’s probably cheaper in the longrun. (Noticed a money-saving trend right now? My pesky bank account isn’t looking so good.) Same thing with body products! I’ve never seen much point in making my own. It’d be hard, I’d have to buy weird ingredients, and it’s so convenient to buy a bottle of lotion at Target. NOT TRUE!

Moral of the paragraph? Give homemade a try! Start with the basics and once you’ve gotten the hang of how to make chicken or lotion or whatever, get creative.

Hello, summertime lotion! And thank you fancy Hipstimatic lens!

So here’s the lotion recipe. I loved watching the water, oil, and beeswax come together in the blender. The stuff starts out all watery and within minutes it’s blended up into a lotion consistency. How?! These are the times I wish I knew more about chemistry. Would this be chemistry? I’m clueless. If you worry about the oiliness of your lotion, I say take a deep breath. I was too, at first. My lotion looked quite oily when I first transfered it to the glass jar. I covered it up and let it reach room temperature overnight. This morning it looked much more…lotion-y? Either way, not bad. It soaks into the skin fairly well. But then I like lotion that I can still feel on my skin a few hours later. Makes me think it’s actually working. So no oily residue, but a smooth and moisturized feel left behind. If you’re worried about this, maybe dial down the olive oil a bit…? Also, I just discovered today that different essential oil scents have different medicinal properties and benefits. So do some research before you pick your scent!

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