Gardening Tips

I have always wanted a garden. Unfortunately, I’ve always also been lazy. This spring, I will not be lazy. I will have that garden. But I need some help. I don’t have the greenest thumb. Here’s my situation.

I would like to plant tomatoes, but I would prefer to plant them in pots since I rent my house and don’t want to dig up the yard. I have a porch. It faces north and is screened in and covered. It doesn’t get much sunlight. I have a small strip of grass on the side of my house facing east. My backyard is a nice size. It faces south. A family of rabbits hangs out there often. Where would my tomatoes be happiest? Does anyone in Indianapolis have suggestions on where to get seeds?

I would also like to grow some herbs. I have a crate, 2 or 3 inches high, that could work as a planter. What do I need to do to make my herbs grow tasty and tall?

I’m definitely going to do some research online, but just thought I’d tap into another resource here. Because my readers are awesome!