TOW Lola Rings in the New Year with One Eye

I’ve been busy. It’s 2011 after all. But not too busy to ring in 2011 in the most enjoyable and dramatic ways possible.

Enjoyable way to ring in 2011.

With a best friend.

Watching friends hug.

With confetti!

Also with lots of shots and beer, which make getting up at 10 am the next day to make cheesy grits at your parents house difficult.

And now, dramatic way to ring in 2011.

Your cat loses an eyeball.

That is no lie. As of Thursday night, my Lola kitty has only one eye. The Mira dog had a moment of insanity during which she felt she needed to protect her giant bag of dog food from the vicious and hungry Lola. A small scuffle ensued, Momma Julia yelled at Mira and waved her hands, Mira backed off, and Lola was left with a punctured eye.

One visit to the 24 hour emergency vet clinic (at 11pm, because I use that 24 hours!) and a large vet bill later, Lola is one eyeball short of blind and wearing a cone around her head. She sure as hell knows how to party.

No worries though, kitty is doing amazingly well. She seems to hardly realize her new handicap. And there are no hard or weird feelings between her and Mira (thankfully!!).

I’m going to put this photo after a break, in case you are a squeamish sort of person. Lola’s left…eye…hole(?) is sewed shut. There’s a bit of oozing going on in the photo also which has since stopped.

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