post the first

i have decided to leave my not so emo but emo by default livejournal past behind and get a grown up blog. that doesn’t make sense i realize but deal with it. besides i like fresh starts and since i’ve moved i’ve been all about fresh starts.
i’m opening at the coffeeshop every day this week but tomorrow. this requires me to set me alarm (or rather alarms because i started turning off just the one in my sleep) for 5am and 5:25am in order for me to drag myself out of bed, brush my teeth and get dressed in a half asleep fashion. all just to park my car 5 blocks from the store and walk through the sketchy part of downtown before the sun comes up. i’d honestly rather work in the mornings though because then i have my whole day in front of me when i get off at noon. or i have small and sometimes sticky children to teach maths to, except that i have no idea how to teach maths. but that’s a whole other story. plus i do thoroughly enjoy seeing the same customers every morning and guessing in my head what they want. last week a man came in who orders a latte every day. only he looks a lot like a man who orders a “grande caramel latte, extra hot” so when he said “i want my regular, can you guess what that is?” i said, “uummm, large coffee?” so now i keep my guesses to myself.
i do have two trips to look forward to coming up: going home at the end of march and going to chicago with bette for our “spring break” to visit marnie and meredith.
and now i’m going to help bette write a paper!!!! this, sadly enough, makes my night. my secret’s out, i love writing papers.


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