job numero dos

the neighbor cats are fighting loudly below my window. not the first serenade i’ve gotten since i’ve been down here but sadly the most recent one. i’d rather it be “you’ve lost that loving feeling”.
i’ve recently felt like i’m living two days in one. the first consists of the coffee shop and i have no complaints. the second has me driving an hour there and an hour back for only two hours of actual work. this is my tutoring job and it’s a pain in my ass that will soon be gone. i spent lots of time discussing the pros and cons of this second job (mostly with myself on my drives to and from said job). i enjoy some of the kids. i liked tutoring reading. i dislike a lot of the kids. they’re disrespectful, calling me “ma’am” in a sarcastic tone, they don’t try and disrupt the class. the drive is a monumental Pain In The Ass and gas prices are going up. i just don’t feel that it’s worth my time. and i’m generally cranky whenever i think of going. so i’m done. i really hate quitting but i think my sanity and happiness are at stake.
in other news i’m afraid i’m being used. or that all parties involved are confused and unsure. ugh i’m too exhausted to be thinking about this crap (again…). it’s 10:30 and time for bed.


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