deja what?

I’ve had some very odd dreams lately. They usually include some reference to camp. Other than that, they’re pretty random. Last night, in the middle of the part of my dream where a little girl gets kidnapped by a very frightening man in a red shirt, I had dream deja vu. I literally thought, in my dream, I’ve had this very dream before. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true but it was very weird nonetheless. I woke up feeling unsettled.

This weekend has been fairly enlightening. I discovered that it’s much easier to trash talk someone to their face when they are drunk. OK, trash talk is a bit strong. Let’s go with telling someone that you really think they’re a dirtbag because of certain things they’ve done to certain friends. I also discovered that it’s easier than I thought to be friends with someone I didn’t really want to see again a short three months ago. And taking a step back as I have now makes me see clearly the reasons that we didn’t have a whole lot of contact for awhile. Funny how those things become blurry when you’re up too close to someone. I also discovered that as a girl I should apparently be defining myself as “so and so’s girlfriend”. Well, I have a few problems with this. One, and mostly, I am no one’s girlfriend. Two, and really just as mostly, if I was, I would not introduce myself as such. I happen to be my own independent person. This came about because I was at a party with people I didn’t know. I sat at a table with three other girls and we did the whole introductions thing. One looked at the girl named Erin and said “Oh, you’re Phil’s girlfriend.” Erin said yes, and oh you’re so and so’s girlfriend, right? The first girl then looked at me and asked, “Are you anyone’s girlfriend?” I replied no and thought to myself when did we start simply being someone’s girlfriend?

A continuation of the things I’ll miss about the South list
~ma’am and sir
~country songs playing at bars
~men holding doors for women
~cowboy boots and dresses/skirts
~girls tailgating in cute sundresses


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