glad to have a friend like you

the sign of a true friend

  • she offers to let you borrow her underwear when you’ve forgotten yours
  • she says if she gets her own place first you can totally…you know…bring guys over
  • she comes to get you at 6AM the morning after a late night to take you to your car so you can drive home to your family emergency
  • she’s there for you after she tried to warn you about him and never says “i told you so”
  • she’s there for you when you get it right the second time
  • she reassures you that you’re not trashy when you’re certain that you are
  • she has late night hot pocket eating/kitchen floor posing sessions with you
  • you im each other from down the hall. or even better when in the same room
  • she laughs at you when you do stupid things like pee in your pants but she never tells anyone
  • you can tell her even your most embarrassing thoughts without your face turning red
  • sometimes you hate her, but most of the time you love her
  • you can call her for no reason at all and end up talking for an hour
  • you’ve read your diaries out loud to each other and died laughing at what they say
  • she’s been your pee buddy, whether it’s in the woods or because the bathroom door is open
  • she knows without asking that when you got home from the bars you ordered the big 10 from pizza express
  • she’s warded off unwanted romantic attention your manager showered on you. countless times.

i will be corny and happy that i have the most lovely girls ever.


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