Bits n Pieces

Today has been relatively unproductive because I’ve been browsing various food blogs and Etsy is continuously posting awesome things on their Twitter. I discovered this blog that way and spent a good half hour reading past posts. I like this elephant I found there.

He’s so full of happy colors that he’s blowing them out of his trunk. He can’t even contain them!

This item though, I question.
There is no joy exploding out of it anywhere, unless you count the possible poop explosion out of the butt. This is a drop crotch jumpsuit. Please please don’t get me wrong, I will sacrifice fashion for comfort any day. I wear a boys onesie around my apartment frequently, and trust me, it’s not flattering. The jumpsuit, however, has multipleproblems. One, the name. Why in the world would you put the word “crotch” in the title of something you are trying to sell? What does the word “crotch” make you think of? High fashion? A piece of clothing you’d wear in public? I think of, well things that are honestly grossing me out a lot. I’m not going to play the what word do you think of next game with the word “crotch.” Better to do it with the word “elephant.” Anyway, I also wonder why a drop crotch is a good idea on a garment when it makes the butt look like a very full diaper. I don’t know, that’s just me, and I know very little about what’s in as far as clothing goes.
Next is Train Song. I think a lady named Vashti Bunyan originally wrote it in the 60s. Feist and Ben Gibbard do a really nice cover of it on the Dark Was the Night compilation. Today I like songs that are a little sad and a little filled with longing. I like this line
but suddenly now, I know where I belong
It’s many hundred miles, but it won’t be long

OK, so then NPR posted a free download on Second Stage of John Heart Jackie, a very nice and mellow and folk-y duo. They cover Train Song too, but you’ll have to go to their MySpace page to listen to it. (and while you’re there, listen to their other songs too!!)
Righto. Have to still post the Oma Macaroni. Also made banana bread last night, but in the form of muffins and with chocolate chips and cranberries. SOOO GOOD I might die. Made an epic fail soup. By Sunday you will have the two epic un-fails.

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