Car Cozies and Woodsy Weddings

I found this picture on Etsy’s Tumblr and it kind of made my day. (well so did a certain announcement from my favorite band ever Guster, but more on that later…) I like the word “cozy” in reference to a knitted item that you put over an object. I think it describes a cozy’s purpose exactly. How cute and cozy and awesome does that car look? I would like to ride in it. (photo credit here)

Smart car cozy

Also, a few weeks ago, Etsy posted this photo on their Tumblr. I can’t stop thinking about it for some reason.

Woodsy wedding

They just look happy and with the dogs and in the woods and so un-wedding-y. She’s sitting on a log in her wedding dress for God’s sakes! I love it. Photo by Leah Verwey.


3 thoughts on “Car Cozies and Woodsy Weddings

  1. i want a car cozy! lol plus those boots are kinda intense…cowboy boots with a heel? not the kind that’ll prevent your foot from sliding through the sturrip 😉

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