My first movie crush

Let’s talk about movie crushes. You know, like Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, yes?), Ewan McGregor (ooh I had a big crush on him after Moulin Rouge! BIG.) , Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen (his love of horses does not help things)…

But what about your first movie crush? You know, the first time you watched a movie and thought Oooh he’s cute! I wonder if that man sets a precedent for all future movie men in your life.

My first was Han Solo, and then after I saw Indiana Jones, just Harrison Ford in general. We watched Star Wars fairly regularly as far as watching movies go in my house. I think my dad really likes it. (Confession: I really like it too. In fact I may be a really big Star Wars geek.) After a few viewings and years of watching Han fly the Millennium Falcon all over the galaxy, save everyone’s asses, and win Princess Leia, I knew. I’d fly his ship any day. I mean come on, he’s a total bad ass, he doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks of him, he’s a scoundrel, but he’s still a softie underneath. I mean who responds to the woman of your dreams saying I love you with “I know”?? Han Solo, that’s who mother effers.

Oh, and Harrison Ford continues to be sexy, even in his older age. OK, maybe not these days, but even in Air Force One, hottie.

Now, just as an odd sidenote, I also really looooove Alan Rickman, but only when he’s playing villains like Professor Snape in Harry Potter or Hans Gruber in Die Hard (just watched that one last night). He does nothing for me in Love Actually. Nothing. I think it’s his voice and his subtle facial expressions that really lend themselves well to being evil. And let me just tell you, there was nothing more satisfying than watching Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber fall over the edge of the building last night. It’s like sweet, sweet revenge for the evil, sick thing he did in Half-Blood Prince.

So who’s your first movie crush?


4 thoughts on “My first movie crush

  1. Ryan O’Neal in “Love Story”!! It was on my 13th birthday, and I got to take two girlfriends to the movies in Amsterdam. It was also the very first time I got to go to a movie theatre…!

  2. I had a big poster on my bedroom wall from Love Story, and its slogan “Love is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” was very popular for years 🙂

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