My first movie crush

Let’s talk about movie crushes. You know, like Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, yes?), Ewan McGregor (ooh I had a big crush on him after Moulin Rouge! BIG.) , Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen (his love of horses does not help things)…

But what about your first movie crush? You know, the first time you watched a movie and thought Oooh he’s cute! I wonder if that man sets a precedent for all future movie men in your life.

My first was Han Solo, and then after I saw Indiana Jones, just Harrison Ford in general. We watched Star Wars fairly regularly as far as watching movies go in my house. I think my dad really likes it. (Confession: I really like it too. In fact I may be a really big Star Wars geek.) After a few viewings and years of watching Han fly the Millennium Falcon all over the galaxy, save everyone’s asses, and win Princess Leia, I knew. I’d fly his ship any day. I mean come on, he’s a total bad ass, he doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks of him, he’s a scoundrel, but he’s still a softie underneath. I mean who responds to the woman of your dreams saying I love you with “I know”?? Han Solo, that’s who mother effers.

Oh, and Harrison Ford continues to be sexy, even in his older age. OK, maybe not these days, but even in Air Force One, hottie.

Now, just as an odd sidenote, I also really looooove Alan Rickman, but only when he’s playing villains like Professor Snape in Harry Potter or Hans Gruber in Die Hard (just watched that one last night). He does nothing for me in Love Actually. Nothing. I think it’s his voice and his subtle facial expressions that really lend themselves well to being evil. And let me just tell you, there was nothing more satisfying than watching Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber fall over the edge of the building last night. It’s like sweet, sweet revenge for the evil, sick thing he did in Half-Blood Prince.

So who’s your first movie crush?

Raspberry Lemonade Cream Pie

First of all, how did I just discover 101 Cookbooks? I’m going to spend the rest of my day reading over her entire site and absorbing all of her natural food and cooking information. OK, maybe not all day since I am at work.

Second of all, I watched Food, Inc. over the weekend (which was almost a week ago, I realize). A very eye-opening documentary about the food industry in this country, and it made me incredibly thankful to have local, conventional or organic produce and groceries, and grass-fed, local, ickiness-free meat at my fingertips. Thanks Farm Fresh Delivery and Goose the Market! You make me feel good about what I shove into my mouth every day. Tehehe.

Thirdly, make this pie. This pie, this pie. It’s all kinds of sweet-tart summery goodness. And the only oven-turning-on you have to do is to blind bake the crust! Which, let me just tell you, is a HUGE plus when outside felt like 100° for two weeks straight.

the lighting in my kitchen sucks, remember?

What you should really be paying attention to here is the crust. Remember how we made a pie in North Carolina with vodka in the crust? That’s the basic recipe I used here, but I changed one thing.

Meet the flakiest artery-clogging mothaheffah around

Oh yes. That, my friends, is lard. A tub of lard. I have a tub of lard in my fridge, just hangin out. I bought a tub of lard at Kroger (but I went through the self-scan because I was too embarrassed to let anyone ring up my lard). About this lard. It’s not vegetarian. Duh. It’s a tub of animal fat and not the best thing for you. But, BUT (butt) it makes the damn flakiest pie crust I’ve ever tasted. So, I suggest you give lard a chance if you can stomach it. You will be blown out of the water.

hi piggy tail

I probably will only use lard when my kitchen is too hot for butter, because all-butter crust is like a tiny piece of heaven. But I’m never going back to a Crisco-butter combo. Sorry, Crisco.

Another quick note. If you’re a bit nervous about rolling out pie dough because it’s sticky and whatnot, this vodka recipe is perrrrrfect for you. Who’m I kidding, it’s perfect for anyone making pie crust. The vodka makes the dough so malleable and easy to work with that you’ll think you’re rolling out Play Doh. Plus you can drink vodka ice teas while you bake.

OK, so on to the pie recipe. Continue reading