The Return of Conan

photo from team coco

Conversations I’ve had on Gchat today are as follows.

me:  I KNOW!!!!!!!!! sam and i were lamenting the fact that neither of us have cable.
me: ooooh conan toinght sam!!!!!!
except neither of us has cable haha
Sam: AHHHH!!!!!
me: i’m pretty sure i’m going to watch it online tomorrow morning
Sam: i’m so happy for conan – i listedn to a radio interview he did with ryan seacrest… he’s dreamy even on the radio! (i originally mistyped – typo was “creamy” instead of dreamy…)
me: hahaha. considering his paleness he could be creamy 🙂 i’m so happy for him too. he seems like such a good guy
me:  don’t forget conan tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bitch:  I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, “Bitch” is short for “Bitch Please,” which is what I have my friend Bette as in my phone and therefore in my Gmail contacts. Secondly,that we are all excited for Conan to be back on t.v. would be an understatement!! I hope he kicks Jay Leno’s ass at the 11:00pm time slot. TEAM COCO!!


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