Day 4 – Sugar Scrub

Happy Day 4 of Creativity Saturday!

Not only was today creative, but it was damn productive, too. I bought supplies for three projects, rode my bike, and went to my first heated yoga class.

Today’s creative endeavor was inspired by someone else’s Day 1 creativity. 30 Days of Creativity asks participants to pin their creations on Pinterest every day. Scrolling through pins of blankets, photos, food, and art, I’ve been really amazed. People are so talented. So, someone posted a sugar scrub (you know, to use in the shower) and I got inspired. If I make my own health and beauty products then I know no icky chemicals go in them! Cool!

This body scrub uses mostly basic ingredients found in every house. You may not have the vitamin E or the essential oil, but honestly for how expensive a nice and chemical-free body scrub is, buying those two items is probably worth it. I found both at a local health food store (Good Earth for those of you who live in Indy). It also is entirely wonderful and works magic on the skin! I made this batch, hopped into the shower, and scrubbed up. My skin is incredibly soft. In fact, if I wasn’t so obsessive about moisturizer, I probably could’ve skipped the post-shower lotion all together!

Some tips before you get started. Sugar – you can use any type. I used a mix of white and brown sugars. Epsom salts – buy a bag because they have lots of uses! Apparently they draw toxins out of the body, relaxes muscles, and reduces swelling. Olive oil – you can use whatever type of oil you want (almond, olive, coconut, etc.) I went with a mix of olive and coconut. Vitamin E – very good for your skin! Essential oil – I went with orange. I think peppermint would be ahmahzing though. And this tip is IMPORTANT! DO NOT USE A GLASS JAR TO STORE YOUR SCRUB, despite what you see in my photo. This glass jar did not make it much longer after it was photographed. Did you know that water, which there’s a lot of in a shower, makes glass slippery? Please just use a plastic container. Mine is now in an old yogurt container.

Sugar Scrub
Found at Athena’s Armoury

1 1/2 cups sugar
3 bags green tea
4 tablespoons Epsom salt
10 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons honey
Vitamin E (contents of 2 tablets or one dropper-full)
essential oil

1. Mix the sugar, green tea, and salt together.

2. Add in the olive oil and mix until everything is wet.

3. Mix in the honey and vitamin E.

4. Add in the essential oil, a few drops at a time. I just kept smelling the scrub until I was satisfied with its oranginess.

5. Store in an airtight container. Try to keep moisture out.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Sugar Scrub

  1. This is awesome! I’m also doing the 30 days of creativity, for the first time. Similar to you, I made a bath soak with lots of epsom salt & ground oatmeal, etc for my first project. I love DIY bath and skincare stuff!

    I really like your blog and just wanted to say ‘hi’ 🙂

    • Hi! Oh I’m going to check out your bath soak. I’ve heard that oatmeal is great for skin! I’m loving the 30 days of creativity because I’ve found so much inspiration in what everyone else is creating.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree! I’ve been spending lots of time just perusing through other people’s creations. What an awesome community!

    Oatmeal is great, though it leaves a really messy bathtub haha.

    I wanna try making your scrub sometime.

    Enjoy your day 🙂

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