Thankful #3


This week is easy. I’m thankful for new experiences, the Pacific ocean, and the fact that work flew Jen and me to LA. Oh yes, I’m also thankful for Guster’s new album Easy Wonderful. Concert Sunday!!


thankful #2

OK, I am clearly not thankfuling every day. I decided that would be too much for both me and for you. I’ve trimmed it down to every Friday the things I was thankful for this week.

This week I am thankful for apple pie (yes, I know I was thankful for pie last week, but that was someone else’s pie. This week I’m thankful for my own delish pie), rain, and new music from Jen.

Thankful #1

Because it’s so easy to get down in the my-life-sucks-balls dumps when it really doesn’t, I’m going to make note of at least one thing I am thankful for every day. Though I may not on the weekends because sometimes it’s nice not to be at the computer on the weekends.

So today I am thankful for delicious pie at lunch and for my best friends and how much we think alike. You’re da best 🙂