Song of the Week

Happy Friday y’all! (I’m missing Green Cove something fierce right now so just go with my use of southern dialect.) Do you have big weekend plans? I’m planting the three tomato plants, two basil plants, and rosemary that I bought at the farmer’s market last weekend. Also weeding. The flower bed area along the side of my house is filled with green. I can hardly tell the actual plants apart.

Now for a song of the week. Or two.

Meet my newest and latest band crush: The Head and The Heart. I bought this album a few weekends ago at Luna Music on National Record Store Day. It’s been playing quite a bit on the iPod and in the CD player of my car. I’m such a sucker for boys playing guitars and/or banjos with a nice alt-country sound. See Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers. The Head and The Heart gets extra points for including a lady in their band. I love when her sweet, high voice chimes in contrasting with the heavier voices of the rest of the band.

What perfect music to turn up and sway and dance around to while you shut your eyes dreamily. Sometimes I really start feelin the music (ya know how that goes) and my body involuntarily starts shaking and moving in foolish ways. Then either Mira barks at me and breaks me from my music coma or the other editor chuckles from her office and I remember that I’m sitting at my desk at work.

The first video, I just love this song. It was my immediate favorite after listening to the album once through. You know, the song that just jumps out at you for no concrete reason, the one that you go back and listen to a few more times before you finish the rest of album.

The second song, this one took a few listens for me to start loving. The lyrics sing to me right now. I get them.

Bright Friday Links

I was suddenly inspired to share some links with you today because it’s Friday and I want to try to brighten your day and remind you that yay, the weekend is almost here!

Just a little reminder! Get the print here.






Homemade peanut butter cups? Why not!

Dog & Panther. A band you should check out. Bright. Spring-like. Sweet. Oh and you can download a free song, “Giant Hands,” here.

Because Monday brings the silliest holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day By The Numbers.

Kitties getting down like woah. I know I could use a little free falling and dancing this weekend.








I’m looking forward to a weekend of testing chocolate chip cookie recipes, getting some new SmartWool socks (yes that excites me. It’s almost as good as buying new underwear.), going for a couple of runs in the warmer weather, and rehanging some things in my house with Miss Jen. What are your weekend plans?