take that haters

Uh oh, I just realized that I might be an internet hater. I feel safe sitting here at my desk blogging about people and things that drive me absolutely crazy because there is a certain anonymity to anything written on the internet. A friend of mine (who quite possibly does not know I read her blog so this could be creepy) wrote a post about the internet and it’s effect on my generation and those following. She writes about Facebook, something which I obviously use but think is semi ridiculous. She also touches on the general quality of writing that appears on the internet these days. (most of which is subpar. Mine is awesome though. Durr.)

Something to think about because I know I rely in the internet way to much. I joke with my friends about how we are expert stalkers and can find out literally almost anything about someone via Facebook, MySpace or Google. I will admit that it’s a skill, one if I could word it correctly I might include on my resume. Professional sleuth…skilled searcher…but I do wonder how much more free time I would have without the internet and how much less fried my brain would be. On the flip side, I would know a helluva lot less about my friends. Life could very well be much more simple and mundane.
So let’s all get rid of our electricity, light a few candles and read our books by the fire. Because things would most likely be much better if they had never changed at all.

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