I vomit when…

Weddings make me want to puke. I’m sorry to anyone who has had a wedding. And I mean no offense to anyone’s wedding that I’ve attended. They’ve all been lovely and I’ve had fun. But weddings make me want to puke. The super-expensive white dress you’ll never wear again, the wedding colors, the flowers, the tables, the decorations…

Pictures of engaged couples at weddings with the caption “You’re next!” also make me queasy.

Status updates regarding your wedding make me want to cry. I don’t give two shits if you found your dream dress. I don’t need reminders that you’re getting married in two months.

Engagement photos, especially when posted on Facebook, make me feel like banging my head on my desk. I understand that a lot of photographers have packages that include engagement photos, so you’re kind of obligated to do it. I also understand that sharing a few of these photos may be fun. But good God, I do not want to see you and your beloved in virtually the same awkward and unnatural pose 40 times, half of which include you kissing. Share with me the cream of the crop and I may even comment how cute y’all look.

I would probably hate weddings a lot less if Facebook didn’t exist.

Then again, the thought of marriage itself makes me swoon a little.

I have a nice pie post coming up with a secret ingredient that may blow your mind.


Fruit Loops

It’s funny the things people respond to.

I update my Twitter with all sorts of randomness almost daily. Same with my Gchat and Facebook statuses. Only occasionally do I get responses, and even less often do they come pouring in. I think I’m going to start tracking which updates get the most.

Stats for this week.

Fruit Loops
Last night my power went out. That’s not the reason I ate Fruit Loops for dinner. I decided on my dinner pre-power loss. That is the reason, however, that I ate three bowls of Fruit Loops, and the reason that my teeth ached with a pain only brought on by too much processed sugar. My admission to eating three bowls, and the hopes that a power loss made up for the over indulgence got quite the response on Facebook. I wonder if that’s because people love Fruit Loops or because everyone can secretly relate to doing the same thing. I know I’m relieved to find out someone else has the same secrets and vices as me. It’s good to not be alone in my three bowl Fruit Loops eating world.

Julia is…

fed up with Facebook statuses.  Yet again.  

I seriously feel like I rant about the same thing over and over again.  I am considering quitting the Facebook yet again.  I am also considering smacking the next person who complains about Sarah Palin in the Goddamn face.  
OK, that’s a bit backwards.  Let me just start by saying that, as I am a staunch Obama/Biden08 supporter, I obviously dislike Sarah Palin.  Her political views are just a bit too conservative and, well, crazy, for my taste.  This does not mean though that I want to discuss how she obviously is an antifeminist, a religous extremist, anti gay marriage and whatever else the media is calling her these days.  The woman has been in the public eye for about a month now and I’m already sick and tired of her effect on every single on of my liberal friends.  No one can seem to have a deeper conversation about her than the aforementioned antifeminist, etc topics.  I know I can’t.  I have no desire to.  The people who agree with me are already voting for Obama, so no work needs to be done there.  Those who don’t agree with me don’t need to be convinced that Sarah Palin is the wrong choice, but that Barack Obama is the right one.  I don’t want to tell them why their choice sucks, but why mine might really be better and more beneficial.  Just my opinion.
Here’s the lamest part: people actually think that posting an angry Facebook status about Sarah Palin will, I don’t know, do some good?  OK, probably not do any good, I don’t think my fellow Facebookers are that dumb.  I just don’t get it.  Of all the places to uselessly rant.  We all know what your political views are if you are politically inclined at all.  There’s a spot for it in your profile.  Mine clearly states “Obama/Biden08.”  Sometimes I’m embarrassed to call myself a liberal or a Democrat.  
Moral of this story: I hate politics.  

take that haters

Uh oh, I just realized that I might be an internet hater. I feel safe sitting here at my desk blogging about people and things that drive me absolutely crazy because there is a certain anonymity to anything written on the internet. A friend of mine (who quite possibly does not know I read her blog so this could be creepy) wrote a post about the internet and it’s effect on my generation and those following. She writes about Facebook, something which I obviously use but think is semi ridiculous. She also touches on the general quality of writing that appears on the internet these days. (most of which is subpar. Mine is awesome though. Durr.)

Something to think about because I know I rely in the internet way to much. I joke with my friends about how we are expert stalkers and can find out literally almost anything about someone via Facebook, MySpace or Google. I will admit that it’s a skill, one if I could word it correctly I might include on my resume. Professional sleuth…skilled searcher…but I do wonder how much more free time I would have without the internet and how much less fried my brain would be. On the flip side, I would know a helluva lot less about my friends. Life could very well be much more simple and mundane.
So let’s all get rid of our electricity, light a few candles and read our books by the fire. Because things would most likely be much better if they had never changed at all.

She loves him She loves him not FYI

First things first – I GOT AIR CONDITIONING!!! I do not care that I broke down, Mira and I are happily cool now. Aaaaaah. That’s me breathing in the refreshingly cold air in my apartment. Or imagining it since I am at work.

Facebook gives me a lot of grief. People publicize so much of their lives on that thing. The amount of personal information in my profile sometimes makes me uncomfortable and I think I’m a pretty middle of the road Facebooker. I had a friend in college on the equestrian team. She was a lovely girl, very sweet and fun. We’ve lost touch, as I have with many of the girls on the team (some more purposefully than others) but through her profile I discovered that she has a boyfriend these days.

OK, I am going to insert a disclaimer here. I realize that if you only read my blog you may think I am obsessed with my boyfriend. He’s just managed to sneak into most posts lately. I am completely crazy about him but I do not excessively Facebook about him. Maybe because I am convinced that only a few people read this blog and therefore I can say whatever I damn well please. Anyway.
My friend has posted plenty of pictures of her and the BF. Fine except that she’s gone to the extent of posting kissing pictures (seriously, who takes pictures of themselves kissing? This is a very bizarre phenomenon which I am convinced started, or was at least encouraged by the advent of Facebook). One of said kissing pictures is even her profile pic! Egads! Her statuses have also started to revolve around the boy. “B is loving him…”, “B is in bed with her manly man…” and so on. Her wall has been taken over by overly sweet posts from him. I don’t quite understand the need to flaunt a relationship on the internet. I have nothing to prove to anyone, not even really myself. As long as we are happy then why should I care if people I don’t give a rat’s ass about on Facebook know that I love my boyfriend and that we make out in front of the camera? (we obviously don’t do this. Narcissistic much?) Let’s keep it classy folks.
What follows is a few pictures that I would like to share taken on Friday night when Sam and I wandered up and down Mass Ave looking for art galleries to poke our heads into. Of course the weather, which has apparently lost its mind, got bad and we ended up running into a bar as huge forks of lightning tore across the sky.

Julia is…well rested, tan, and thinks it might be the weekend

Well I vacationed in Florida. I am actually tan and only burned slightly, which is an accomplishment for me. Really had a very nice time. The boys played golf twice, us girls laid out at the very fantastic pool and got massages, Adam and I had beers at Tin City, walked on the beach together and played in the ocean. We saw a bird mauling a dead fish on the Naples peer and stood inches from a leopard with just a glass window separating us. I convinced Adam, Brent and Adam’s dad that jockeys are bred for their small size. Ashley and I made fun of a very silly and PDA-y couple at the airport. I enjoy family vacations, even if the family isn’t mine.

Today I realized why I love Facebook so much (and when I say love, I really mean hate). See, sometimes I get confused as to what day of the week it is, what is going on in the world and my city in general. Lots of times what I really need is a useless update on how you were affected by the weather, a magical quote or lyric describing your mood, or to see a message that is clearly directed at one or a few specific people but you feel the need to share with all of Facebook. So, thank you, friends for updating your statuses these past few days, with proclamations that this weekend is indeed a long one (I wasn’t aware you see, that I don’t have to work on Monday since it’s an official national holiday), that there is a large and internationally known car race going on in Indianapolis this weekend (wait, what’s the Indy 500 anyway?? Cars? Racetrack? Beer? These go together on this day?), and that these next few days are in fact and in actuality, the weekend. I HAD NO IDEA!!!! What a relief that I have Facebook to keep me straight and on track. Right now I am very tempted to leave the stupid online networking site. Maybe I will.