Fruit Loops

It’s funny the things people respond to.

I update my Twitter with all sorts of randomness almost daily. Same with my Gchat and Facebook statuses. Only occasionally do I get responses, and even less often do they come pouring in. I think I’m going to start tracking which updates get the most.

Stats for this week.

Fruit Loops
Last night my power went out. That’s not the reason I ate Fruit Loops for dinner. I decided on my dinner pre-power loss. That is the reason, however, that I ate three bowls of Fruit Loops, and the reason that my teeth ached with a pain only brought on by too much processed sugar. My admission to eating three bowls, and the hopes that a power loss made up for the over indulgence got quite the response on Facebook. I wonder if that’s because people love Fruit Loops or because everyone can secretly relate to doing the same thing. I know I’m relieved to find out someone else has the same secrets and vices as me. It’s good to not be alone in my three bowl Fruit Loops eating world.


take that haters

Uh oh, I just realized that I might be an internet hater. I feel safe sitting here at my desk blogging about people and things that drive me absolutely crazy because there is a certain anonymity to anything written on the internet. A friend of mine (who quite possibly does not know I read her blog so this could be creepy) wrote a post about the internet and it’s effect on my generation and those following. She writes about Facebook, something which I obviously use but think is semi ridiculous. She also touches on the general quality of writing that appears on the internet these days. (most of which is subpar. Mine is awesome though. Durr.)

Something to think about because I know I rely in the internet way to much. I joke with my friends about how we are expert stalkers and can find out literally almost anything about someone via Facebook, MySpace or Google. I will admit that it’s a skill, one if I could word it correctly I might include on my resume. Professional sleuth…skilled searcher…but I do wonder how much more free time I would have without the internet and how much less fried my brain would be. On the flip side, I would know a helluva lot less about my friends. Life could very well be much more simple and mundane.
So let’s all get rid of our electricity, light a few candles and read our books by the fire. Because things would most likely be much better if they had never changed at all.

when dinosaurs roamed the earth

i have a new favorite website,, a celebrity gossip website. not only celebrity gossip, but also trash talking celebrities like it’s your job. for example, on mariah carey thinking about adoption,
“If you made a list of people less qualified to be a parent than Jessica Simpson there’d only be one name on it and it’d be Mariah Carey. And maybe a drawing of an angry dinosaur. But even that would be behind Mariah.”
now i don’t have a problem with mariah carey but seriously, an angry dinosaur? i think i like these stories because they come up with the most random insults. why is it ok to make fun of celebrities in such a blatant way? i guess they ask for it when they put themselves in the public spotlight. sure they don’t ask for their every move, stupid or not, to be documented and published. that simply comes in the job description, a benefit of being famous.

i’ve started a serious apartment hunt in the raleigh/chapel hill area. tomorrow i am taking my laptop with me to work and dedicating the afternoon to applying to jobs and sprucing up my resume. because every time i say i’m going to do that at home after work i just pass out on the couch or in my bed. UNproductive. i’m actually excited about living by myself. i’m finally going to get a dog. i’ll get to clean whenever i want, put whatever i want on the walls, run around naked (come on, don’t deny it, you do that when no one’s home) and play my music loudly whenever i want. of course a single will probably encourage more conversations with myself. as if i don’t have enough of those already.