Love Wins in Indiana

Today love wins in Indiana for everyone. Maybe there will be appeals. People will probably kick and scream in anger. But today anyone, every one of my friends, can go to the clerk’s office and marry the person they love. Today that’s good.

“It is clear that the fundamental right to marry shall not be deprived to some individuals based solely on the person they choose to love. In time, Americans will look at the marriage of couples such as Plaintiffs, and refer to it simply as a marriage – not a[s] same-sex marriage. These couples, when gender and sexual orientation are taken away, are in all respects like the family down the street. The Constitution demands that we treat them as such.”
– U.S. District Judge Richard Young


Race Recap: Lakefront Discovery 15K

First of all, I’m just going to say please go vote tomorrow. Take advantage of the awesome privilege we have by just living in this country. And then, at the end of the day, remember this that my yoga instructor said today during class … The sun will rise and set on Wednesday no matter what happens politically or who wins. We’ll still go on living, getting up, eating, running, being friends with those who have different opinions than us. And, on Wednesday we can look forward to mailboxes and tvs vacant of political ads!

OK, so I promised a race recap in my last post. Two weekends ago, October 27, I headed up to Milwaukee to spend the weekend with my friend Heather and run the Lakefront Discovery 15K. Being near Halloween, costumes were highly suggested. Heather and I are not ones to shy away from acting a fool. We dressed up as a barmaid and a fairy princess (I swore the wings would help me run faster).

Barmaids and fairy princesses know how to run.

We snapped this picture post-race at the Milwaukee Ale House after party. Free beer? OK!

Before we celebrated though, we actually had to run. Ridiculous, I know. So we parked, stretched, and peed. I was convinced I needed to pee again. I’m a nervous peer before races. Now you know all about me peeing habits. Lucky you! We found a few of our Ragnar Dairy Queen teammates before the race began. (Running is like a little community! It’s making my world feel smaller!) The route started at the Italian Community Center and ran along Lake Michigan. I actually took the below picture around mile two while I was running!

Lake Michigan as seem from the Lakefront Discovery 15K in Milwaukee.

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We believed and it happened!

I will NEVER foget this night, this historical and wonderful night . President-Elect Obama, that’s what it says on CNN. I will tell my children that I voted for a change, a difference, a moment. I will tell them that I sat at one of our favorite bars downtown and watched anxiously as votes came in. We watched as Republican Indiana could not be called. We watched state after state’s results come in. And we watched in joy as Barack Obama was announced the 44th president of the United States of America. We gasped and then clinked our glasses together in a victorious cheers. Outside of my apartment people are shooting off fireworks and yelling and celebrating. As Stalker Carol has said to me many times tonight, this is epic. EPIC!!!

Take out the guns and dance

Indiana is a battleground state. A swing state. We might not vote Republican this year. I feel that I’ve participated in a historic moment today. Now the anxious waiting.

North Carolina was absolutely wonderful. I was in a blissfully happy state for a good amount of our vacation. I was with one of my best friends, celebrated one year with my wonderful boyfriend (one year? How in the hell did one year go by so fast?), was surrounded by mountains, saw my summertime momma, and was generally home. I know even more now that I have to move back there some day. It’s just a matter of knowing I belong there.

Algunas fotos

on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I heart mountains

view from Bette’s house in Tryon!
waterfalls in Dupont

together again:)

Triple Falls in Dupont

Excessive, but I do not care. Consider yourselves lucky because I took quite a few more.

My coffee addiction has been taken to new levels. I ran out of coffee at my apartment last week so while I waited for more T-discs for my Tassimo to be delivered (pain in the ass, maybe a little, but worth it), I stopped at Mo Joe’s for coffee on my way to work. This Monday, after a week of ordering the same coffee with soy milk in my travel mug made by Stalker Carol, the baristas knew my order. I was on my way to being a regular. I loved the regulars who came in every morning at The Morning Times. Of course, just as I reached that coveted status, my coffee arrived. So no more morning stops to Mo Joe’s. We also just bought a fancy single cup coffee maker for the office so coffee consumption at work will be incredibly easy. I forsee at least two cups in my afternoons now.

Back to holding my breath that I will have something to celebrate about tonight at Lockerbie Pub instead of reason to drown my sorrows in beer.

Julia is…

fed up with Facebook statuses.  Yet again.  

I seriously feel like I rant about the same thing over and over again.  I am considering quitting the Facebook yet again.  I am also considering smacking the next person who complains about Sarah Palin in the Goddamn face.  
OK, that’s a bit backwards.  Let me just start by saying that, as I am a staunch Obama/Biden08 supporter, I obviously dislike Sarah Palin.  Her political views are just a bit too conservative and, well, crazy, for my taste.  This does not mean though that I want to discuss how she obviously is an antifeminist, a religous extremist, anti gay marriage and whatever else the media is calling her these days.  The woman has been in the public eye for about a month now and I’m already sick and tired of her effect on every single on of my liberal friends.  No one can seem to have a deeper conversation about her than the aforementioned antifeminist, etc topics.  I know I can’t.  I have no desire to.  The people who agree with me are already voting for Obama, so no work needs to be done there.  Those who don’t agree with me don’t need to be convinced that Sarah Palin is the wrong choice, but that Barack Obama is the right one.  I don’t want to tell them why their choice sucks, but why mine might really be better and more beneficial.  Just my opinion.
Here’s the lamest part: people actually think that posting an angry Facebook status about Sarah Palin will, I don’t know, do some good?  OK, probably not do any good, I don’t think my fellow Facebookers are that dumb.  I just don’t get it.  Of all the places to uselessly rant.  We all know what your political views are if you are politically inclined at all.  There’s a spot for it in your profile.  Mine clearly states “Obama/Biden08.”  Sometimes I’m embarrassed to call myself a liberal or a Democrat.  
Moral of this story: I hate politics.  

Barack the politically apathetic vote

The cover story in this month’s Vanity Fair announces the “Class of 2008,” the up and coming young stars of Hollywood. I excitedly turned to the article because it promised photos and interviews with the cast of Gossip Girl, my favorite smutty teen drama (it’s like Dawson’s Creek of the new millennium!) The article started out with a discussion of how dramatically being a rising young star in the entertainment business has changed over the past five years. I do wonder how any 20 something’s reputation can stay spotless under the magnifying glass-like eye of the media these days. My friends and I have gotten into some pretty crazy things since we’ve entered, survived and left college. And we’re just normal kids. Our reputations would be completely tarnished though.

Anyway, of course, being Vanity Fair and never wanting to pass up an opportunity to remind readers of its liberal political views and support of Obama, the stars were asked the 2008 election question: who will you vote for/do you support Obama. Most carefully avoided the question. Stating your political affiliation seems almost as detrimental as stopping at Starbucks or Taco Bell these days. Penn Badgley, Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, did have an opinion. He said, “with a wordly, weary not of disillusionment, ‘I’m politically apathetic. We were raised in a time when we never had a leader who was a role model at all. Every president has gotten worse and worse – it doesn’t make you want to engage.'” Now don’t get me wrong, I love Dan Humphrey and therefore the cute actor who plays him, but this kind of a statement absolutely kills me. Politically apathetic, in my opinion, is just another term for being lazy. As if our generation needs to look more lazy than it is already accused of being. We are already pegged as a generation who doesn’t want to vote and who has always had low turnout numbers in past elections. Why perpetuate that if you’re someone famous? And do not make excuses about poor role models. I’m obviously no Bush supporter, but honestly that makes me want to get out and vote all the more. I want to engage, I want to have a voice in changing our government.
I don’t know, that attitude of not caring and labeling it as something other than being lazy and THEN blaming it on bad past administrations drives me crazy. How much of an effort would it take to go to each candidate’s website and read up on their platforms? Or even to just turn on the news, read the paper or go to once in awhile? I don’t care who you vote for honestly, just don’t give our already labeled as apathetic generation more of a bad rap.
Rant done.

prisoner swap

The bodies of two Israeli soldiers, missing for about two years, were returned today in exchange for the freedom of Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese man who murdered an Israeli while his four year old daughter watched and then bashed her head in, killing her. It’s easy to look at that situation and say what really did Israel get from this trade? They freed this horrible man and got back two dead soldiers. Prime Minister Olmert, who I don’t always agree with I’ll say, said this, which really made me understand Israel’s point of view, “The Worry over the fate of every one of our soldiers is the glue which binds us as a society, and it is this which allows us to survive in an area which is surrounded by enemies and terror organizations.”

One of the things that I took away from my trip to Israel last winter was the incredible respect that soldiers got and the incredible pride that every Israeli seems to have in their army and their country. They believe so strongly in what they fight for.
Another quote I found incredibly true: “The power of a nation is not dependent on what the other side says, but rather only on us.” (that one’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni)
The whole article can be found here on the Jerusalem Post’s website.

your right to bear arms

I have been struggling lately with my feelings on gun control. About a month ago Adam called me excitedly saying he was going to be up in Indianapolis picking up his new handgun before he came to my apartment. I knew that he hunted and had sat next to his rifle in his car (the closest I have ever been to a gun, I might add) but this somehow was a whole other level. When he arrived at my apartment that night, he took out the gun, put it together and showed me how he would load and cock it, and then pointed it. I about flipped my shit. The whole time he had that thing out I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I did actually hold it, I refuse to be called narrow minded, but it was a serious step out of my comfort zone, and I would not point the damn thing, no matter how much he asked. Adam knows about my hesitation to his owning a handgun, he knows I do not agree with the fact that he, a regular citizen, can just have his loaded gun in his house. He says I feel this way because I’m just generally uncomfortable around guns as I’ve never really been around them. Not true.

I have no problem with the responsible gun owner. The kind who, like Adam showed me he would always do, keeps his gun in its locked box, unloaded, bullets elsewhere, with the gun itself locked in the uncocked (or whatever it’s called) position. The gun only comes out to be used recreationally at shooting ranges, etc. Here’s my problem: most people are not responsible gun owners. Most people keep their guns loaded and under their beds. Any dumbass could walk in, find the gun and start shooting whoever he pleased. What if you have a gun, loaded and easily accessible, in case you need it for personal protection. Or, you think you’re being responsible and leave it unloaded, but for quick loading purposes, the bullets are near the gun. You have friends over, you all get drunk, the gun somehow comes out, maybe a friend finds it or you take it out. Who’s to say you, the “responsible” gun owner, does not accidentally hurt someone? Or maybe your kid, who knows you have the gun because kids aren’t stupid folks, gets in a fight with someone at school. He says, in an attempt to be seriously badass, that he’s going to bring his dad’s gun to school. He probably has no intention of actually shooting anyone but who knows what will transpire once he pulls the thing out of his backpack in the school parking lot?
I read an article on this morning (court decision on gun control is personal for 2 women) about gun control in Washington, D.C. and the city’s ban on handgun ownership. Two women were quoted in the story representing both sides of the discussion. One woman stated very well my feelings I think. She said, “No one here is trying to fight against your right to have a gun. What we want is for dangerous people not to get access to one, and today it is just too easy. We cannot keep sacrificing innocent people because you have a fear that you’re not going to be able to have your right to own a gun.” The other woman quoted in the article owns a gun for personal protection as she lives in a high crime neighborhood. When she called the police to report threats and vandalism, their advise was buy a gun. Well that just seems like it encourages the already high crime problem and the cycle bad neighborhoods in big cities are stuck in. I understand that this woman feels she needs protection. As a young woman living by myself in downtown Indianapolis (honestly a relatively safe city in comparison I think) I do not feel comfortable walking my dog later at night. I keep it to the front of my apartment building. Then again, living in this part of town was my decision. If things get out of hand, I consider it the responsibility of the city to get crime and violence under control. I do not think I should have to go out and buy a gun and feel as though I have to take things into my own hands. And no, I am not so naive that I think a city of any size can be completely crime free. OK, now I’m heading towards my whole stance on poverty and education and how that is basically the root of a lot of our problems in this country. And that would be a whole other discussion and as this blog entry has already become much longer and more ramble-y than I initially intended, I will leave that for later debate.
On a completely different note, I miss camp so much it hurts and I have admitted to being a wannabe Southerner. I might have a problem.